Hist. of the West-Ch. 17 Chief Joseph & Nez Perce

3. What did Chief Joseph die of?
5. Led warriors to turn Perry's flank.
9. What month did Joseph finally start taking his people to the reservation?
12. What group of Native Americans went with Gen. Miles to take the Nez Perces?
15. The Nez Perces called their homeland the "Valley of the _________  ______."
18. What did Old Joseph want between the whites and the Nez Perces?
20. Original name of Chief Jason.
21. General that caught the Nez Perces asleep in camp on August 9th.
23. What did Chief Joseph say the earth was?
24. Christian name taken by Tamason.
26. What "holiday" in 1877 was the day that Chief Joseph had till to get his people on the reservation?
27. Who was the President during this time?
1. Mountain range that may have given the Nez Perces a chance to reach the northern country.
2. One of the two chieftains that led the Nez Perces with Chief Joseph.
4. Minister that was successful working with Nez Perces.
6. Colonel David Perry led these troops.
7. Lewis and Clark found the Nez Perces to be this.
8. Where did General Howard meet with Chief Joseph?
10. The valley that had been home to the Nez Perces.
11. Chief Joseph faced the risk of crossing open plains here.
13. Old Chief Joseph's original name.
14. A religious prophet of the Nez Perces.
16. Demanded unconditional surrender of the Nez Perces in early October.
17. The name of the reservation where the government wanted the Nez Perces to relocate.
19. Brother to Chief Joseph the younger.
22. In what present-day state was the reservation the Nez Perces were supposed to go to?
25. Where was more gold discovered and brought more miners?

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